Our Story

“Tawa” denotes a circular, and versatile, cast iron griddle pan used in Indian cooking, particularly in Indian street cooking and breads such as chappatis and parathas.

It also happens to be the kind of cookware used extensively in India’s famed “Dhabas”, earthy roadside restaurants that so often pave the way for highways across India, serving fresh, flavoursome cooking to those passing by, from locals to tourists and drivers A place often spoken of as offering the “real taste of India”.

It’s a taste of that Indian roadside food culture which inspires Tawa and its menu. From our tantalising street food dishes to our “railway cuisine” so redolent of India’s famed dishes, to coastal cooking, regional specialities and Indian inspired cocktails that fabulously quench that thirst.

You might even just say that we’re the perfect roadside restaurant!